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Tai Chi Message Boards and email Lists

The Neijia Mail List

Neijia - Internal Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Hsingi, Pagua, and Aikido). This list is maintained by Stephen Chan (stephenchan@earthlink.net). For more information visit the Neijia Home page maintained by Mikel Evins. To unsubscribe send the message:

The German Neijia Mail List

NEIJIA-Mailliste is the homepage of the German language Neijia mailing list. You can subscribe to it by sending an email to neijia-adm@oker.escape.de. You will then get specific instructions on how to join.

The Taichichuan Mailing List

The Taichichuan Mailing List - A forum for the sharing of information on Taijiquan and related subjects. Topics include Taijiquan practices, training methods and their rationale, historical studies, Taijiquan theory and more. Taichichuan Mailing List - FAQ. Taichichuan Mailing List - Rules.

The Man-ch'ing Yang T'ai Chi Ch'uan Mailing List

The Man-ch'ing Yang T'ai Chi Ch'uan Mailing List - This list is open only to students of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing's Yang style Tai Chi. See Tom Krapu's site for information on subscribing. Thomas M. Krapu, Ph.D. Saint Louis, Missouri 314-842-2258 (tomkrapu@aol.com), Malcolm Tobias (tobias@null.wustl.edu). To subscribe send an email to tomkrapu@aol.com with answers to the following questions: (1) Would you like to have your name available to other list members? Currently, we try to avoid publicizing the membership list to avoid SPAM. Many members have expressed interest in knowing who else is subscribed, (2) If you don't mind, can you include your address (city, state, and telephone number)? Many of you might not want to give out telephone numbers so this is totally optional, (3) Please provide a brief description of the lineage of your teacher, and where appropriate, your teacher's teacher. If possible, try to describe the lineage to Professor Cheng, (4) Do you mind if any or all of the above info be included for other members to see? Please be specific about what info you do or do not want included, (5) Is there anything else that you'd like to be done with the list? For example, would you like to see the list moderated?

Wing Chun Mailing List

Wing Chun Mailing List and the World Wide Wing Chung Mailing List - These appear to be the same mailing list. Marty Goldberg of the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association 414-352-6545 and 414-473-6436 (wgungfu@alpha2.csd.uwm.edu) appears to be involved in the running of both of them. Rob Gillespie (gillespr@ucs.orst.edu) also appears to be involved in at least one of them.

Kung Fu

The Kung Fu Mailing List - All styles of Kung Fu (Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Tan Tui, 6-Harmonies Northern Mantis, Choy Li Fut, Long Fist, Ba Chi Chuan, etc.) are welcome The list has been in operation since 1995 and has approximately 400 members. The list is maintained by Tye Botting, Tye's Kung Fu, 2603 Rountree Bryan, TX 77803, 1-409-778-2295 fax/voicemail: 1-409-778-3390, Tye W. Botting (tye@iname.com, tyeskf@thegym.net, or owner-kungfu@leper.tamu.edu). Tye teaches Yang Style Taijiquan.

Yoshinkan Aikidoka Mailing List

An automated sign up mechanism to join the Yoshinkan Aikidoka mailing list - Maintained by sea_eagle@cobweb.com.au

Chi Xing Tang Lang Seven Star Praying Mantis Mailing List

Chi Xing Tang Lang Seven Star Praying Mantis Mailing List - Membership in this mailing list is limited to instructors and students of Seven Star Praying Mantis. If you don't meet this criteria you can still send them email questions which they will be happy to answer. Send subscription requests along with a short description of yourself to chuan@authentickungfu.com. Sponsored by Fort Worth, TX Authentic Kung-Fu's Wu-Shu Association Web Site. (817) 244-2347 (chuan@authentickungfu.com)


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