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Kung Fu is the term generally used in the Western world for martial art. Literally translated, kung fu means skill or accomplishment. Wushu is a general term used throughout China to represent all martial arts. Literally translated, wushu means military art. Wushu includes all the traditional martial arts.

Kung Fu systems in rural Northern China tend to be very mixed. It can be noted for its wide sweeping fist techniques and low stances with high kicks. The Northern stylists spend a great amount of time on "stretching techniques" so that they can jump and kick.

The Northern country is more open farmland so the movements are shown by long sweeping, long-range type acrobatic movements. If you were attacked in the field you had more room to move around.

The Southern part of China is more urbanized-very close, little alleys and shops. The style has stronger low stances and rapid hand movements.

The Northwest style contains short and long range fighting techniques with foot boxing and rapid, high speed, continuous hand attacks. Our training incorporates all three styles.

Kung Fu uses more weapons than any other system of Martial Arts: swords, spears, staffs, even fans. Another tradition the Chinese Arts especially embrace is "Herbal Medicine." Many masters realized that a fighter was only as strong as his own body. Emphasis was placed on ointments, baths and herbs. Understanding how the body functions and how its energy is channeled is a very important aspect of Chinese Kung Fu.

There are two major factors which contribute to proper Kung Fu training: Internal and External. External power is muscles and strength which comes from various training methods such as calisthenics, isometrics, running and overall conditioning. Internal systems get their power from Chi - The Life Force. Internal styles concentrate on breathing and meditation methods that develop internal strength.

Kung Fu stresses more individual perfection. The movements are intricate, precise, expressive and graceful. It requires much attention to posture, balance and coordination. The movements are more circular and rounded off with faster flowing combinations.


Master Guo is a trained professional Martial Artist from Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Mainland China. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees in Martial Arts, and taught at the University from 1976-1986. He coached the Professional Wushu Team, and the Professional Hubei Province Wushu Team. His expertise teaching produced many National Champions in China.

Master Guo has been teaching in the U.S. since 1986. He began his American teaching career at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. He taught from 1986-1988, teaching Chinese Internal Arts. Master Guo then moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1989, teaching at various locations. He opened Championship Martial Arts Academy in January, 1992.

Master Guo has been studying Kung Fu since he was 7 years old. He has studied under well known Grandmaster Jin Min Wen. Master Guo continues to teach traditional Shaolin forms and weapons, sparring techniques and fighting, as well as Wushu, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Bagua, Chin Na self defense and Chi Kung (Internal Breathing).

Master Guo is open to sharing his knowledge about Kung Fu and is dedicated to quality teaching. His training is unique and creates a relaxed spirit of learning. Master Guo's most recent attribute, while teaching in Chicago, was perfecting the skills of several members from the "Ninja Turtles" movies!


Beginner classes are open to students of all levels and students may start any time. Beginners receive individual instruction in exercises, forms and techniques from higher rank students, as well as from Master Guo. Students with varying rank levels practice together and are encouraged to help one another. There are both beginners and advanced classes, specifically designed for the different levels of expertise and ability.

We emphasize "pre-class warmup" to avoid any torn muscles. Students are encouraged to practice as often as possible. However, each student determines how often and how hard he or she will practice. Tournament training is available for weapons, forms and fighting. Sparring is encouraged but not required. The mechanics of using the whole body is also emphasized through stretching, endurance conditioning, kicking & punching drills, and bag work.

There are separate classes for children Monday through Friday, and Saturday morning classes for young children ages 4-10. Private lessons may be arranged through Master Guo.


External Systems

Self Defense, Chin Na - A realistic, hands on approach of defending oneself. Timing and distance, ways of moving in and out, by using your body weight to control your opponent.

Animal Forms - Various styles of animal forms are practiced as quick movements using kicking and striking techniques. Full body motion is used to develop poise, strength, balance and agility.

Weapons - Advanced students are encourages to train with weapons for greater versatility, coordination and precision. Weapons include: straight-sword, broad sword, staff, spear, 3-section staff and 9- section chain whip.

Internal Systems

Tai Chi - Soft flowing motions and circular movements are performed at a slower pace. Concentration and proper breathing techniques emphasized.

Hsing Yi - Movements are linear and straight in. The techniques explode and are powerful. Every defense is simultaneously an attack.

Bagua - The ultimate evasive art, renowned for its footwork. Circular techniques have tornado-like effect. Prefers the palm over the fist for striking.

Chi Kung - Breathing exercises. Makes the breathing deeper, produces energy and power. For health, martial arts of meditation purposes.


Kung Fu improves not only your physical condition-stamina, balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and muscle tone, but your mental conditioning as well-self-confidence, concentration, alertness, and stress reduction.

Consistent practice of Kung Fu helps one develop mental discipline-you can do anything you will yourself to do, mind over matter in all areas of life! Training the mind is key to successful progress. How to use your body effectively and efficiently is largely a function of the mind. A focused mind and body has great potential in all areas of life. For the most part, one does not depend on strength or brute force, but on the use of skill. A true martial artist is a whole integrated human being, mind, body and spirit.

Self-confidence is one of the most important benefits of hard training. By building your confidence level, you can begin to set other goals that were previously unthinkable.

Concentration and alertness in other areas of your life are also enhanced. You learn within time, how to become one with yourself, more at peace, and a happier, tranquil person.

Kung Fu practice gives us a way of asserting ourselves, of being competitive either with ourselves of with others. Ideally, this continued way of self-assertion will produce a sense of humility as you get better at your training.


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